How to Write an Invitation for First Death Anniversary

It is tough to digest the news of the passing of our loved ones. It is an emotional moment for you to invite someone to the funeral in the first place. And it is also emotional when you are celebrating the very first death anniversary. However, if you are thinking about how to write an invitation for the first death anniversary. This blog has information that can help you out.

One way that everyone can meet and honor the death of our loved ones is to meet on the first death anniversary. We should remember the person and discuss a few good things and important moments in his/her life. So, how to send a first death anniversary invitation? What to write in it and how should you send it? Read the blog to find out.

Inviting to the First Death Anniversary

Here are a couple of sample letters on how you can invite someone to a death anniversary.

Firstly: Sample 1

Hi Shyam,

One year just went in a flash after the death of my grandfather. I invite you to the first death anniversary which is in a couple of days (Date). We are organizing a small program. Where we are inviting my grandfather’s closest friends, family, and relatives. I am writing this letter to invite you to this occasion and pray for my grandfather. Eagerly looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you so much.

Your Name

Secondly: Sample 2

Hi Praveen,

My grandfather passed away last year and now it is his first death anniversary on the coming (date). So, along with my family, we are arranging a ceremony to cherish his loving memories. So, please go with us to recall the beautiful days and celebrate his gracious memories.

Thank you.

Your Name

The above samples are formal invitations. If you want to send it to someone who is so close to you, you can just give them a call and invite them directly. You may also use digital modes of communication to convey the message. WhatsApp is one of the easy communication options. These days as it is so easy to send a message and convey what you want to say.

So, the first death anniversary invitation can be a formal or an informal invitation. Depending on the person that you want to send it to. Choose to call them, send an email, or send the invitation on What’s app. Or any other communication platform to convey the message.

And most importantly. Make sure you send across the venue details, date, time of the occasion. And other necessary details so that they meet you on the specified date without any hassle.

A simple format if you want to send a digital invitation is- Send the deceased photo with the below mentioned details:


Invitee name:

Venue details:

Contact information:


Sending the first death anniversary invitation is often a challenging task, right? It happens to all of us, and we can’t ignore it. Every year, we need to celebrate the occasion in the loving memory of our beloved ones who left us. Though it is an emotional moment to call everyone and invite them to the death anniversary, it is a mandatory occasion that should be celebrated to reminisce the memories we had with our loved ones.

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