Carrying Dead Body via Different Modes of Transportation

Carrying Dead Body via Different Modes of Transportation

In times of grief and loss, Different Modes of Transportation families seek solace in honoring their loved ones with dignity and respect in their final journey. Anthyesti  understands the significance of this moment and provides comprehensive support, including transporting the deceased via various modes of transportation. From traditional hearses to unconventional methods, Anthyesti ensures that every cultural and personal preference is respected.

Hearses: The Traditional Mode:

Hearses have been a symbol of funeral processions for centuries, offering a dignified and Different Modes of Transportation for the deceased. Anthyesti meticulously maintains its fleet of hearses, providing families with a traditional option for transporting their loved ones. These vehicles securely handle the casket, ensuring a smooth and respectful journey to the final resting place.

Air Transport: Bridging Distances:

Today’s globalized world often scatters families across different cities or countries. Anthyesti understands the importance of reuniting loved ones, even in death. Air transport services are available for those who need to transport the deceased over long distances. Whether it’s a domestic flight or an international repatriation, Anthyesti coordinates with airlines to ensure a seamless process, including all necessary documentation and permits.

Train Transportation: A Symbolic Journey:

For some families, Different Modes of Transportation train transportation holds special significance. Anthyesti offers train transport services, allowing the deceased to embark on a symbolic journey to their final destination. Whether it’s a scenic route through the countryside or a nostalgic trip through familiar landscapes, train transportation provides a unique way to honor the departed.

River and Sea Transportation: A Serene Farewell:

Water has long been associated with spirituality and purification in many cultures. Anthyesti offers river and sea transportation services for those who wish to bid farewell to their loved ones in a serene setting. Anthyesti ensures handling every aspect of the journey with the utmost care and respect, whether it’s a gentle voyage down a meandering river or a solemn sea burial.

Ambulance Services: Immediate Assistance:

In times of unexpected loss, prompt and efficient transportation becomes crucial. Anthyesti provides ambulance services for transporting the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home or crematorium. These ambulances have the necessary facilities to ensure the dignity and safety of the deceased during transit.

Customized Transportation Options: Meeting Diverse Needs:

Anthyesti understands that every family has unique preferences and cultural traditions when it comes to funeral rites. They offer customized transportation options to meet diverse needs, which is why they provide different modes of transportation. Whether it’s a horse-drawn carriage for a traditional procession, a motorcycle convoy for a modern tribute, or even a bicycle procession for an eco-friendly farewell, Anthyesti works closely with families to fulfill their wishes.


1: Can I transport a deceased person via commercial airlines?

Yes, most commercial airlines allow the transportation of human remains. However, specific regulations and procedures must be followed, including proper packaging and documentation.

2: What are the requirements for transporting a dead body by train?

Rail transportation of human remains is possible, but regulations vary by country and railway company. Generally, you’ll need to arrange for proper packaging and documentation, including a permit or certificate of death.


In times of grief and loss, Anthyesti Funeral Services stands as a pillar of support, offering compassionate assistance and comprehensive solutions for families in their time of need. Through a range of transportation options, Anthyesti ensures that every final journey is dignified, respectful, and reflective of the departed’s life and legacy. Whether it’s a traditional hearse, an air transport service, or a symbolic train journey, Anthyesti honors the diversity of cultural traditions and personal preferences, guiding families through the process with care and compassion.

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