How Is Anthyesti Putting A Step Forward In These Tough Times

In merely 2 weeks, the city of dreams, ‘Mumbai’ has to deal with two funerals because of Covid. Extremely anguished, Raj Sharma negotiated the third funeral with racketeering hearse drivers as well as crematoriums.

Hence, he approached newly established business ventures that were helping people who were struggling a lot.

Sharma was whirling from the loss of his friend when he came to know about Anthyesti Funeral Services. It helps in providing end wise funerals in 4 cities.

In conversation with Gulf News, he said that he was informed through a 48-year-old professor of New Delhi that they are known for picking up the dead bodies from the hospital, and everything else is taken care of by them.

The total coronavirus package of Anthyesti is nearly about Rs.30,000 that is estimated around $400. The hearse services charge amount which is five times higher than this amount.

By gathering this information, he got a sigh of relief and mental peace as well, which cannot be compared to any sort of price.

This organizational venture is an instance of how various businesspersons are ascertaining opportunities when the country is facing the worse crisis ever, namely coronavirus.

The meaning of Anthyesti in Sanskrit is ‘Last Sacrifice’. The company was originated in the year 2016 by a prior software engineer named Shruthi Reddy Sethi. The primary motive was to clean the unfettered cremation sector.

But unfortunately, the 36-year-old software engineer was not able to forestall the extreme effect of the coronavirus on the country. She failed to expect the lag of morgues, ambulance facilities, and wood for cremations.

There are so many cases where the near and dear ones have had to wait for so many days in order to bury their close ones. The reporter of Gulf News informed Sethi that the families have to wait in line at the cremation grounds in order to wait for their chance to come.

One of the biggest advantages that the company is offering is that they have a team who waits at the cremation grounds in place of their client.

Sethi helps in offering medical cover to the workers who work at cremation grounds as well as drivers of the ambulances.

The returns of the firm enhanced up to 20%, and Sethi expects to double it in the year 2021.

During such times of crisis, entrepreneurs like Sethi have modified their firms to reach people to help in their distressing times.