4 Points To Make The Last Rite A Memorable One

Losing a loved one is not easy for anyone. But this is life, and we cannot stop some things from happening. All we can do is make this memorable by giving our best in funeral rites. Giving them happy goodbyes is the best we can do for them. But arranging and managing everything when the pain is unbearable is tough. So, in this case we can hire funeral service providers. The funeral directors are professional enough to handle all such funeral rite very effectively. We all are very clear with the arrangements required as per the Indian tradition and culture.

The funeral service providers are very experienced, and they are well-versed with all the arrangements. They can even prepare as per your suggestions and rituals. They tend to be very supportive and cooperative in these hard times. Will take over the entire responsibilities and won’t bother you with minor issues as they effectively make decisions. They will make every arrangement smooth and will give the best they can. For effective functioning, make sure to have a meeting with your hired team so that they are clear with your requirement and also provide you with the dead body carrier, dead body freezer box, funeral requirements including priests, flowers, incense sticks to every other little detail. Besides, help you in delivering the deceased body to the desired location.

This will help you complete legal formalities such as getting a death certificate, post-mortem reports, police NOC, and other documents. We will act as a support to you in these hard times and will provide you with complete help at less possible costs.

Following are some of the points which might help you in making the last rite a memorable one:
  • Identify the funeral service- The body has cremated just after the incident but some delay it for 2-3 days due to any reason. The deceased body has kept in the dead body carrier or in the dead body freezer box to keep it in the best possible condition. Many people held the funeral ceremony within the week of the occurrence of the incident. A priest has asked to chant the prayers in the ceremony. This is a kind of tribute given by the family to the deceased person.
  • Location of the funeral- Some prefer to hold the funeral at their own place while some prefer it in any religious place or banquet hall depending upon the preference and the gathering of the family members. So this has decided beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Inform- It is very important to inform the related ones about the funeral to reach on time and on the exact location. This will help in avoiding any kind of hindrance.
  • Communicate with the funeral director- Make sure to properly communicate with the funeral director. It will help in clearing their doubts and will work and provide service according to your requirements.

So above are some of the points you should keep in mind while holding last rite. ‘Anthyesti’ is one of the best funeral service providers known for organizing professional funeral with all care and empathy.