Death Rate Plummets Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world is trying to fight the surge in the number of deaths due to the situation caused by Coronavirus, India, on the other hand, has seen a sharp fall in the number of deaths countrywide, going against the ongoing global trends and predictions from the Pandemic. With over 2.7 million infected people and almost 200,000 deaths globally, the virus has had a worrisome impact on the global outlook. But, India, unlike other parts has seen these numbers fall which has left businesses like funeral parlors and cremation sites wondering the effects.

Shruti Reddy, CEO of Anthyesti Funeral Services said, “It is very surprising for us.” Talking about the number of jobs falling to 3 in the current scenario from 5-a-day in January. “We’ve declared employee pay cuts if revenue falls below a threshold.” She said, looking at the dropping numbers in the country.

Countries like the Netherlands, France, and Italy have seen a bloodbath because of the deaths caused by COVID-19. Even the United States found 18% of the tests positive for the disease out of all the tests conducted, whereas in India, of the 525,000 tests conducted only 4% came out positive. Doctors, health professionals, and crematorium professionals believe that the reason for this low number of deaths even in such difficult times is also due to increased cases of rail and road accidents.

 India PM Narendra Modi has implemented a nationwide lockdown on 25th March post which the number of accident-related deaths especially in cities like Mumbai and Delhi has gone down to negligible numbers. Crematorium owners have stopped receiving crime-related cases and accident-related cases and only get natural death cases these days. Getting sources to confirm the number of deaths was not a successful attempt and the queries were left unanswered. West Bengal was accused of understating the number of coronavirus related deaths.