Shruthi started a startup named “Anthyesti” to provide end-to-end services.

These Startups are the Ultimate Services

Various event management organizations are available for the smooth running of weddings and other good work.

The same funerary services have to be thought about by the companies that handle them.

Especially in cities, those arrangements are difficult.
That is why they are providing startups and end-of-life services.

What are those startups …

Bilwa Desai’s mother from Ahmedabad passed away six years ago. Since there were no close relatives and acquaintances at the time, it was very difficult to arrange alone. There are many problems in applying for Death Certificate and Insurance. It would be nice if she could do such things. Since then, he has seen such people suffer in such situations. She quit her job and set up a startup called ‘Mokshashil’ to perform the final rites.

This includes organ donation, hospitalization of corpses from the hospital, death certificates, filing of insurance documents, summoning pujaris, and cremation arrangements. As well as single parents with children moving abroad, Pre-booking of mokshshil services is done by the elderly people who are in bed. Also, if they are late from overseas, embalming the body and keeping it in the freezer company.

Nitesh Mehta of Mumbai is a hardware designer. His cousin, Heathen Dhruv is a banker and a management consultant. Three years ago, their friend died in an accident and they watched the funeral. The scenario was an experience for both of them at the time. Ganga water is used for cleansing during rituals. The water was not found in Mumbai for almost two days. Many shops had to turn to other pooja items as well. It is difficult to spend so much time on this run.

This is why it is better to put the equipment in one box and deliver it online. In 2017, Nitin Ventures launched a startup called “Sarvapooja” that sends out the necessary equipment for the rituals. The kit includes pots, camphor, bamboo. There are about 38 different kinds of threads and black sesame. These kits are offered according to the region and traditions. In addition, Pidakalu, Gomutram, Ganga Water, and Satyanarayana Swamy Vratam Kit are also available on the site. The kits are also available at pooja equipment shops in Mumbai, Gujarat, and Hyderabad and ambulance services.

Shri Shruthi Reddy’s husband Gurvinder of Hyderabad settled in Kolkata. She also did an IT job for a few years. So much for pujaris conducting funerals in the Punjabi tradition after her father-in-law died.

Eventually, someone had to call from Punjab. With that experience, Shruthi started a startup named “Anthyesti” to provide end-to-end services. It seeks to keep the funeral services in places, such as iceboxes, vehicles for funerals, embalming injections without corpse decomposition, ceremonies, and pastoral rituals. The startup also provides appropriate documentation and clearance at the embassies of countries to recruit foreign patients. Embalming the corpse and packing the airline parcel. These services are available in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Jaipur. Shruthi is the recipient of the National Entrepreneur Award 2018 from the central government for these ultimate services.

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