Anthyesti Funeral Services won this year’s Women Entrepreneur Quest (WEQ)!

Our founder Shruti Reddy has made us proud again. Her efforts and vision has helped the entire team and company to succeed. Now she has achieved another milestone…

WEQ stands for Women Entrepreneur Quest which is an international contest dealing with young, brilliant, intellectual women across the globe who are technically sound and have the needed potential to gift the era with amazing technological inventions. Every year over five thousand empowered women submit applications to qualify the preliminary round of this international intellectual conquest.

2018 witnessed the eighth edition where over 260 applications were enlisted from across thecountry. The is an organization heralding such contests and they proudly announced the top ten companies who had the chance of bagging the prestigious award from India.

The is an NPO which stands for a non-profitable organization. This company is a brilliant summary of people who wish to see the economic market of the country crossing leaps and bounds. And as such they have seen over the years that they had invested a widespread growth in the quality and the number of entrepreneurs inside the country. The is acompany which ensures the bright future of the country.

This worldwide contest is basically organized to bring the minds of women to the forefront of the technical and economic business line.
Among the well acclaimed top ten finalists of the WEQ 2018 is Shruti Reddy of Kolkata is someone who is the founder and CEO of the acclaimed invention of an online funeral service portal called Anthyesti-The last rites.
This Bangalore based IT engineer pursued her degree from Bhoj Reddy engineering college and had worked for a reputed IT company for almost seven years. She then moved to Hyderabad fighting the unnecessary tryst from the society and set up her own company. The dedicated team of Anthyesti dealt with a lot of financial pressure but they did not give up. They put in unparalleled effort and currently they have a turnover of rupees sixteen lakhs per annum. Being India’s leading entrepreneur is not an easy task and it gets intensified especially when the person does not have a business background. Shruti Reddy with Anthyesti, Kolkata has reached the heights of entrepreneurial success the day she competed with women of similar intelligence and emerged victorious.
Among many services that are provided by Anthyesti funeral services, their chief feature is that they offer online pre-planning of funerals. They also arrange local funerals such that the client gets to customize the details of the ceremony and the professionals would arrange the pre-requisites.

They can arrange for body carrier hearses, vans to carry the deceased. They also bring along helpers and funeral priests. Another major advantage that Shruti Reddy had recognized her ace in the hole is repatriation of the human remains across any part of the world. The WEQ 2018 has witnessed brilliant women coming up every year from different parts of the country to add a bit of a glam to the technical industries and we can only hope that the daughters of Eve would continue to shower their intelligence on mankind and its children.