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Rituals and Customs of a Hindu Funeral

Each religion has its own set of customs and traditions to be followed at the time of marriage, childbirth, and death. Respecting the traditions of each religion is important. The Hindu funeral traditions and customs involve various steps and guidelines to be followed. We look below at some of the rituals of a Hindu funeral […]

The Custom of Funeral Rituals Followed by the Hindus.

  The Hindu funeral customs usually believe that in reincarnation, which means the soul reincarnates into a different physical body or life form when someone dies.Hindus believe in Karma – that is the next life of the soul depends on the individual’s actions in their past lives.A person must attain a state of liberation.While in […]

A Guide to the Hindu Funeral Services.

Death is inevitable, and every religion provides a guide to its followers on after death rituals. Hindu religion too offers an in-depth guide to its followers on its elaborate funeral arrangements and services. Hindus believe in life after death and that the soul is reborn in another form post-death. There are a number of stages […]