Why not have a funeral services india planned just before a person dies?

Bharathi Grover

Jan 31 2018

Funeral services India – we live our lives in working, earning money, traveling, building own house, buying a car, and taking whole family responsibilities and fulfilling wishes. Do we ever think what happens after we die? Thought of planning our own funeral? But planning our own funeral services India is one of those uncomfortable, yet …

Top 7 Reasons To Plan Your Funeral Before you Need It

Bharathi Grover

Aug 31 2018

Funeral pre-planning (personal funeral planning) is a wise practice that’s becoming increasingly accepted and appreciated. People are sometimes hesitant to pre-plan a funeral because they think they’re not going to die anytime soon, or they may not like the idea of thinking about their own death and funeral. There may even be some superstition that …