Funeral Flowers Service

Get Desired Funeral Flower Arrangements Done for Bidding Goodbye to A Loved One

The death of a loved one can be a tough time to cope up with. When you lose a family member, it can be emotionally challenging for you. But with death comes the responsibility of the funeral. The family members have to be strong and perform the last rites and rituals for a peaceful transition of their loved one from this world to the god’s realm.

How can we help?

We at Anth Yesti understand how challenging the phase is, and hence we offer funeral arrangement services to families of the deceased. Irrespective of your religious beliefs and the type of funeral that you want, we offer assistance in all types of funerals. We organize professional funerals with respect and care across all communities. Our aim is to help grieving families in their loved one’s last journey.

The idea behind the inception of Anth Yesti was of our founder Shruthi Reddy who aspires to make the funeral rites and process easy for families of deceased. Right from providing a van for the body to pre-planning a funeral, we can do it all for you. The idea of pre-planning funeral is becoming popular day by day, and many people have embraced the concept with open arms. Pre-planning the funeral helps in relieving your family from the responsibility of arranging for funerals.

About flower arrangements

We can also help in choosing the theme for the funeral, arranging for priest and funeral flowers arrangements. The flower arrangement is a crucial aspect of the funeral. It is a way of expressing sympathy, love, condolence, as well as respect for someone after passing away. Every family has different preferences when it comes to flower arrangements and the type of flowers they need. We can fulfil all your needs. Many families also choose flowers that were loved by the deceased person.

No matter which type of funeral you choose, flowers are always a part of the funeral and memorial services. Earlier flowers were used to ward off the smell from the decaying body. But the trend stayed forever. For funeral decorations flowers, some people choose lilies as it reflects purity and majesty. They are also a symbol of sympathy. The peace lily has also been used in funerals as it a sympathy gift owing to its ability to revive itself. It is also reminded that their soul still lives on.

Another common choice of flowers for a funeral is roses. White roses represent purity and innocence. Other coloured roses are also used in the memory of the deceased. While pink roses stand for love and grace, red roses symbolize grief.

Orchids are a long-lasting and elegant choice of flowers. They evoke a feeling of renewal and innocence. Some people also like carnations at a funeral as they stand for love and admiration.

Apart from helping you pick the flower of your choice; we also assist in arranging the flowers as per your wish or the departed soul’s wish.

Get in touch with us for any kind of flower arrangement for the funeral service, and we are ready to help!