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No one can understand the pain of losing a close person than the person who has lost someone close to his heart. The person who shares a bond with the deceased person cannot understand that if he should mourn over the death of his loved one or should he pay a final tribute to that person on his last journey as a token of respect. Although he wants to do both, grief overtakes his responsibility, and it becomes impossible for him to make complete arrangements for the funeral on his own.

At Anthyesti, we understand your emotions, and our team leaves no stone unturned to make all the arrangements on behalf of you in the best way possible. Since funeral arrangements are incomplete without flowers, we also offer the best funeral decoration flowers in Hyderabad.

Stories Behind Types of Flowers in Funeral:

  • Lilies are the flowers that represent peace and helps to replenish the inner aura with radiance and purity. This is the most common flower used in funeral ceremony and used for its strong aroma that fills in the site with a rich aroma and thought to drive out negativity and embrace people present at the funeral with some positive aura so that they can cope up with the irreparable loss.
  • Some typical annotations are surrounding this common funeral flower, that is, the rose. Many people prefer white roses at the funeral as they feel white is the consoling colour during the grieving period, while some others prefer red roses are the appropriate ones as they symbolize grief.
  • Irrespective of colours, orchids have a universal meaning of love and respect. They are irreplaceable in terms of the situation and can have a long-lasting effect on the family members of the deceased soul and make them remember this token of tribute.
  • An off-beat flower that carries significant feelings that adds a special hue to the token of tribute is Chrysanthemums. It differs in each part of the world according to their colours. The red flower carries the meaning of love and affection, while the white one promotes the feeling of innocence. In Asia, it signifies rebirth. This flower is a unique choice for a funeral ceremony. At Anthyesti, we make funeral flowers decoration in Hyderabad a memorable one that can preserve memories during the last rites of your loved ones.
  • The carnation can be the only choice for many as a carnation as speak everything on behalf of you. They may be used in wreaths or standing sprays. The colour plays a pivotal role in the choice of a carnation during the moments of grief. Most of the world around the world feels that pink carnation is appropriate to be present during the funeral ceremony as it is believed to have evolved from God’s tears.

Pink or white, neutral, or white, the funeral flowers vary in colours as per traditions and culture, but the meaning remains the same. It can be an assorted carnet or garland.

When you are in Hyderabad, you need not worry about the flower arrangements during the funeral ceremony. Anthyesti assorts the best flowers funeral service in Hyderabad to make the last tribute a memorable one. This tribute becomes necessary to engrave the memories of your loved ones deep into the soul.