Funeral Flowers Service in Bangalore

Anthyesti Offering Flower Decoration Services for Funeral and Memorial Services of Your Loved Ones

Arranging for a funeral is one of the challenging things to do for a grieving family. We at Anth Yesti aim to make the funeral and memorial service easy for you. We can help in making all the arrangements related to the funeral and memorial service. Our team comprises experienced professionals who help at every stage so that you can grieve in peace, leaving the responsibility of the funeral to us.

Flowers make for an important part of the funeral and memorial ritual. Irrespective of the type of funeral or community, flower arrangements are a part of every funeral service. Our team specializes in flower funeral services in BangaloreWe cannot only help in choosing the right flowers but also help in flower arrangements and decoration. Flowers not only honour the life of the one who has passed away but also a way of expressing true sentiments.

Here’s a look at some of the common type of flower arrangement for funeral service Bangalore:

  • Flower baskets

The funeral baskets are one of the most common types of flower decoration. They come in various sizes. They are suitable for both church and funeral service at home.

  • Standing sprays

The standing sprays are displayed on an easel and are typically displayed near the casket. This allows viewing from the side only. These flowers are seen in funeral homes and near the graveside as well.

  • Peace lily

They make for a nice decoration flower. Also, it is a potted plant, so it will last for a longer duration as compared to the traditional arrangement. Thus, it provides comfort for a longer period of time. The grieving family can also replant it in the yard as a permanent reminder of the deceased loved one.

  • Orchids

Orchids are perfect not only for occasions but also for grieving times. You can place them in a variety of arrangements in the funeral or memorial venue. The orchids also symbolize how mourners always keep the deceased in their hearts. Orchids come in a variety of colours and are perfect for small to mid-size arrangements for both home and office. Custom designs can also be made with orchids.

  • Chrysanthemums

These are big and beautiful flowers that are perfect for flower arrangements at a funeral. They come in many colours, but red and white are a symbol of love and innocence, which makes them ideal for remembering the deceased, loved one.

  • Hyacinth

These are perfect for unique custom funeral arrangements. They add a pop of colour to subdued flowers placed in the funeral.

  • Lavender basket

The lavender basket is a beautiful and unique choice. It is meditative and respectful than most of the bright coloured arrangements. It also adds a pop of colour to all the white and light floral arrangements.

These are some of the commonly used flowers for decoration, which can be placed in many creative ways.

For funeral flower decorations in Bangalore, get in touch with our team.