Cremation meaning in Bengali : Last Goodbye

Cremation is the burning of a corpse into ashes. This is a ritual followed by many cultures around the world, including the Bengali culture. Cremation has been practiced in Bengali culture for centuries and has significant cultural and religious significance. This article delves into Cremation meaning in Bengali, its cultural significance, and the rituals associated with it.

Meaning of cremation in Bengali

Cremation is known in Bengali as ‘শবদাহ’ (Shovda). It is a custom to burn the body of the deceased. The ashes are then collected and placed in a sacred river or sea.

Cremation is an important ritual in Bengali culture. The soul of the deceased is believed to be freed from the body through cremation. The ashes are then placed in a sacred river or sea which is considered a sacred act.

According to Bengali culture, burial rituals are of utmost importance. It is believed that performing the final rites of the deceased in a proper manner ensures that the soul rests in peace.

Rituals associated with cremation in Bengali culture

Wash your body:

Before the cremation begins, the deceased’s body is soaked in holy water and dressed in new clothes.

Extreme Features:

The deceased’s family performs final ceremonies during which prayers are offered and incense is lit.

Firewood preparation:

Firewood is made of wood and other materials. After that, the corpse is placed on firewood.

Light the firewood:

Firewood is lit and the body begins to burn.

Plunge into Ashes:

After cremation, the remains are collected and floated into a sacred river or sea.

Cremation is a significant Bengali cultural rite. It is a means to say farewell to the deceased and make sure their soul is at peace. Cremation is a multi-ritualized process with profound cultural and religious significance.

We trust that this essay has given you a better understanding of the significance of cremation in Bengali culture as well as the rituals connected to it.

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