Death is the truth of life, yet it is difficult to accept it when a loved one leaves for heavenly abode. In every community, there are certain rituals that need to be performed so that the departed soul can leave peacefully. However, during the grieving times, it is challenging for the family to look after the arrangements for performing the last rites.

Anthyesti can help the grieving family in arranging and performing the last rites. Right from managing the van for the dead body to funeral priest, we do it all for you. The priest funeral service is chosen based on your religious beliefs so that he can perform the last rites as per your preferences.

We can also help you with preplanning your funeral. When a loved one leaves for their final journey, the arrangements can be taxing for the family, not just emotionally but also financially. By preplanning the funeral, you can share the financial burden. You can connect with us and discuss how you want your last rites to be performed.

By preplanning the funeral, special wishes can be honoured such as a specific type of flower or coffin and type of cremation. You can also arrange for the funds in advance so that the family can use it for the funeral when you are no more.

Our services include dead body carrier vehicles, freezer boxes, funeral helpers, and shraadh priests. Along with preplanning the funeral, we can also help in making and executing the will. In the case of transferring the body from one place to another via road, rail, or air, we offer embalming services as well.

There are different packages for the funeral service, and you can choose according to the services required. The package consists of funeral priest cost and other arrangements.

The idea of Anthyesti was conceived by our founder Shruthi Reddy to assist people in arranging for the last journey of their loved ones. You can explore our site for more information on the services we offer.

Be with your family during the grieving time and leave the responsibility of funeral arrangements to us.