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The Funeral Ceremony Can Assess Your Relations

A cremation ceremony is something that signifies an elaborate aspect of human emotions, but cremation is related to death. Death is that phase in life when a person attains freedom from the materialistic world, but it is painful. It is a moment of grief for us to lose someone close to…

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Forbes Exclusive Story on How Covid-19 Changed the Lives of the Undertakers

Forbes correspondent Aishwarya NK in an exclusive story “A day in the life of an undertaker during Covid-19” covered how undertakers had helped to give a dignified farewell to the victims. She also interacted with Shruthi Reddy, our founder of Anthyesti, where she explained how our team worked in these…

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What Do You Need To Do If Your Loved Ones Pass Away?

When someone dies, there are practical things you need to do. At such a difficult time, this can be tough to deal with. If the person dies, you can only remain with the body of your friend or relative for a while. You will need people to help you with…