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Make the Last Journey Memorable with Anthyesti

Funeral services are something that does not tend to carry any positive meaning. However, it remains close to our hearts. A funeral service is a tradition that gives a tribute to the departing soul. It is always a situation of melancholy when you lose someone near and dear to you….

Funeral Services
Funeral Services – Helping With Hassle-Free Last Rites Processions

The death of a loved one can cause emotional stress. People tend to feel sad and remorse for the death of their near and dear ones. Making arrangements for the final humble abode of the dead remains can prove to be a difficult process. This may include arranging for hearse…

Prepare for the Last Journey
How to Prepare for the Last Journey of Your Loved Ones

Nobody among us wants our loved ones to go away from us. But some things are not in our hand and even if we try we cannot stop them from happening. The pain of losing someone is gut-wrenching and it takes forever to forget the pain. But this is life…

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4 Points To Make The Last Rite A Memorable One

Losing a loved one is not easy for anyone. But this is life, and we cannot stop some things from happening. All we can do is make this memorable by giving our best in funeral rites. Giving them happy goodbyes is the best we can do for them. But arranging…

Funeral Rituals
Embracing the True Meaning of Life Through Funeral Rituals

People are searching haywire searching for funeral arrangements in Pune. Pune is a tech city and one of the busy cities. People are working day and night to earn their living and living busy lives. However, when it comes to losing their dear ones, they often find it difficult to cope…

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Five Benefits of Hiring A Funeral Director for The Funeral Services

The death of a family member or a friend is a period of great bereavement and loneliness. Organizing the funeral all by yourself is a daunting task. It is a task that is full of challenges that may stress you out completely. You are burdened with several responsibilities, and you…

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Last Journey Wrapped in Flowers and Memories!

Life has taken a new turn since development. The development has affected all sectors, including industries. The rapid rate of development has led people to focus more on their careers. We are running in a rat race of success in some high-tech cities like Bangalore. In this rat race, we…

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Funeral Flowers Narrate a Special Story

Making funeral arrangements is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is hard time for everyone. The time when we lose someone special in our lives. However, we do not have much time to lament. We need to make the necessary arrangements for the funeral ceremony. It does not matter where…

Last Journey of Your Loved One
What Do You Need To Do If Your Loved Ones Pass Away?

When someone dies, there are practical things you need to do. At such a difficult time, this can be tough to deal with. If the person dies, you can only remain with the body of your friend or relative for a while. You will need people to help you with…

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A Dedicated Ritual Helps in Attaining Eternity

We do not know if there is life after death or not. However, the Hindu tradition believes in rituals to be performed after cremation until the 13th day after death, believing in after-life. Death is painful for loved ones. It is a heart-wrenching emotion for the ones who are attached to the…