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4 Points To Make The Last Rite A Memorable One

Losing a loved one is not easy for anyone. But this is life, and we cannot stop some things from happening. All we can do is make this memorable by giving our best in funeral rites. Giving them happy goodbyes is the best we can do for them. But arranging…

Dead body freezer box
How a Dead Body Freezer Box Can Be Helpful During Tough Times

Mourning over the dead body of our loved ones has been a part of Indian rituals for so long. Seeing our loved ones going away and realizing that they will never come back is the hardest thing ever. We cannot do anything but cry our hearts out in pain. We…

Anthyesti putting a step forward in these tough times
How Is Anthyesti Putting a Step Forward in These Tough Times

In merely 2 weeks, the city of dreams, ‘Mumbai’ has to deal with two funerals because of Covid. Extremely anguished, Raj Sharma negotiated the third funeral with racketeering hearse drivers as well as crematoriums. Hence, he approached newly established business ventures that were helping people who were struggling a lot….

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Why Hire Funeral Service Providers for Funeral Services

Life is full of ups and downs. Some things in life are unpredictable and this can turn everything upside down. Losing a person from our lives can be very heartbreaking. In this situation, it gets difficult to manage everyone. In this period of grief and sadness, organizing all the rituals…

Pandemic Crisis
Providing Relief and Help in the Pandemic Crisis – Anthyesti Funeral Services

The corona crisis has badly struck India, especially in the second wave that broke out in mid-April. With India’s burgeoning population and inadequate health care system reeling under the devastating attack of the pandemic, many people suffered great personal tragedies. Families lost their near and dear ones to the havoc…

Providing Cremation Services in the Pandemic
In Times of Grief, Indian Entrepreneurs Are Stepping Forward With Essential Services

India has been bleeding under the effects of the pandemic. The second wave that hit the country sometime in April has been particularly severe, with an exponentially rising number of cases and death tolls. In these grief-stricken times, some Indian entrepreneurs have taken up the gauntlet to provide essential services….

Funeral Rituals
Embracing the True Meaning of Life Through Funeral Rituals

People are searching haywire searching for funeral arrangements in Pune. Pune is a tech city and one of the busy cities. People are working day and night to earn their living and living busy lives. However, when it comes to losing their dear ones, they often find it difficult to cope…

arrangements of the death ceremony
Immortalizing a Mortal Being with the Last Rites

Are you worried about making necessary arrangements for the death ceremony of your closed one? This pandemic has been teaching us the value of togetherness. However, losing someone special always creates a void in our lives. It is the family members or the friends who perform their duties during the last rites…

Putting a Full Stop Can Include Freezing Moments

Mourning over the death of our dear ones has been a part of our lives for a long time. However, the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching new lessons of death to us. Every day, people are helplessly crying their hearts out to save the lives of their…

final farewell
Use A Freezer Box To Ease Some Pain As You Bid The Final Farewell To The Departed Ones

It is one of the saddest moments in life when one of our loved one’s bids us his or her final farewell. The wounds can be very deep and take years to heal. In these dark moments, the near and dear ones of the departed soul want to pay their…