Funeral Decor

Funeral Decor

We celebrate most occasions of our life, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones. Just like these events, we should respect and honour the passing away of a loved one also. We offer the following décor services for the funeral:

  1. Ambulance décor

For most people, last transportation is a reflection of the life the deceased person had on this earth. You can choose from a variety of ambulance décor to honour the life of the loved one. Some of the common types of ambulance décor services are glory décor, paradise décor, ambrosial décor, and divine décor.

  1. Décor for last darshan

Bidding the last goodbye to the loved one is emotionally challenging for family and friends. You cherish all the memories that you created with them. People like to place a happy picture frame of their loved ones with beautiful floral décor for honouring the deceased soul.

We help in finding the best vendors for flowers and flower décor. You can choose from different flowers based on your personal choice or the ones that the deceased person loved.