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What is the Procedure for Transporting a Dead Body by Air?

When a loved one dies, it’s a period of great bereavement and loss, especially if it’s a sudden death when a person is travelling or is on vacation. Not many people know the dead body transport process to the home city or to the final resting place to perform the last rites in front of […]

How To Transport A Dead Body On A Plane

Death occurs every day. It may happen even when you are on a trip. Little do we think about it while planning for a vacation, but it’s a sad reality? When you lose a family member, a close friend, or a colleague on a trip, you are shouldered with the responsibilities of transporting the dead […]

Transport of Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati

At Anthyesti, funeral service provider, we are fully aware of all the requirements relating to documentation, so we work effectively with our worldwide network of funeral managers to transport deceased body of your dear ones from anywhere in the world to India.