How To Transport a Dead Body from the UK To India?
How To Transport a Dead Body from the UK To India?

If your family member dies abroad, bringing their dead body home for last rites can add more worries to an already suffering situation. There are a number of reasons why you might be upset. Like, what do you do first? Who to contact first? What are your responsibilities? Transporting a dead body by air from […]

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Thanatophobia – Know About Fear Of Death

Thanatophobia is a form of fear. This is commonly called the panic of death. Many, if not most, people are afraid to die, while others are afraid of real demonstrations. Important Things About Fear of Death Suppose fear is so prevalent that it affects your daily routine, so it means that you have a complete […]

The Rituals of Chautha and Tehravin

The death of an individual keeps going for a few days in many religions. There is a long period of rituals and ceremonies after burial. Similarly, in Hinduism, the rituals of the Chautha and Tehravin are performed. What is Chautha Ritual? In Hindu tradition, Chautha ceremony usually takes place on the fourth day after the […]

7 Places For Asthi Visarjan in India

The meaning of Asthi is the leftover bone or some gathered remains of dead individuals. Later the last ceremonies are played out, and the remaining parts of the dead individual are gathered; these are generally tied in a piece of material. This article will help you understand everything about Asthi Visarjan and 7 sacred places […]

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What Happens to Soul After Death According to Hinduism?

Death is one of the unsolved mysteries for human beings. At some point or other, all people shall pass on. The fear of death dominates the existence of every single individual. It brings impressively superfluous distress, enduring, and uneasiness to the survivors who are restless to be aware of the destiny of the left spirits. […]

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Why Plan your Funeral In Advance?

It’s worth planning your funeral in advance as it makes it easy to deal with the difficult situation your family confronts in your back. Your body and funeral procedure won’t be an enormous burden over their shoulders as your early arrangements with the funeral service provider will keep it easy for them. Let’s take a […]

What To Wear At Funerals?

Funerals are a sad moment. The funeral ceremony helps you to accept the reality of life. It gives evidence to the deceased’s life, motivating the expression of sorrow in a way that is related to cultural values. One should dress up properly according to the surrounding environment. In many cases, dressing for the funeral occasion […]