How to Invite for a Death Ceremony?

When someone close to you dies, it is very much important for everyone in your family and relatives to know about it so that they can pay their respects by attending the funeral. Death ceremony invitation is not easy, because firstly, you need to confirm the sad news about the death and then ask them […]

What is the Process of Cremating a Body?

Overview of the cremation process The process is relatively straightforward. Once any viewing or funeral is over, there is no need for the remains to be present, and an autopsy, if needed, the cremation services can be completed. Different state laws vary regarding the speed with which cremation can be achieved. At Anthyesti, you can […]

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What Happens to a Body When it is Cremated?

There is no way of knowing what happens after we die, and we know most of us don’t want to think about the harsh truth of our lives. But the jury might be on the spiritual side of things, but we can’t decide what happens to our bodies after we die, is what you can […]

How is a body prepared for a cremation? 

Cremation is the process of incinerating a body and rendering it into the form of ashes. The practice dates to antiquity, but in the West, it wasn’t frequently used outside Nordic cultures until the 20th Century. It is now a more common practice than the burial of remains. Typically an individual makes their desire to […]